Giles and Dion were already eating dinner when I got home.

She ran her fingers through his hair.

Is it OK if we don't go to Costco this time?


We won't do it without you.

I think Martyn has been barking up the wrong tree.

You need not have bought such an expensive book.

The company's gamble paid off.

It was a good show.

Who wants a drink?

I will never follow thee.

Mother washes every day.

Packaging can actually prevent certain kinds of waste.


Straka isn't a very good cook.

I'll take your EEG.

I know he likes me.

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Hey, shouldn't you be at work?

So, is your brother white?

The house costs double what it did before.

It's not like we're strangers.

Edwin has been to many places.

Apparently, it's getting more difficult to find a good job.

Lana never goes anywhere by himself.

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Please get these papers out of the way.


I never drink wine.

Having broken the mirror, Roksolana grew worried: she believed in omens, and a broken mirror promised her seven unhappy years.

Wilmer was angry at himself.

Pinocchio says: "Now my nose will grow."

The bugle sounded retreat.

I tried to hide my disappointment.

She can speak.

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It's your last chance.

I was watching TV.

She maintained a calm manner.

That's extremely dangerous.

Acquired by sin - there's no profit within.

I was born on a ship.

I already got thirsty.

I think I know what's happening now.

Be nice to your mom.

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I'm going to have a shower.

Hal is extremely trustworthy.

She thought it was stupid.

Not a few houses were destroyed by the typhoon.

She fell asleep in my arms.

I'm not sure if this is correct.

Where's there a supermarket around here?

Bob seldom writes to his parents.

Barry is a friend of the family.

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I felt even smaller.

Just throw them away.

I went to a nude beach in France.

You're just being nice to me.

Cory must be Hillel's brother.


Have you lived in Sasayama since last year?

Jos is personable.

The last time I saw Devon he was headed toward the beach.

Sandip and Fletcher got married last month.

Hillary is easy-going and fun.

She was quite nervous about her first flight.

Will the ice bear?

Down Halloween Road from the mansion to the corner store, it takes about 16 minutes to walk.

My small bladder has me constantly running to the bathroom.

Lar was very upset.

Maria sings as off-key as a cat.

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I hit them.


Johnny walked down the corridor.


I remember posting this letter.


Did she like that dinner?


That wasn't my idea.


That's the spirit, Mr Suzuki.


Is that a picture of Ginny on your desk?

She has a drunken husband.

Don't insult me, Kenn.


When he assumed power, King John had no experience in politics.

Nothing I try seems to work.

I've given you all the knowledge that I have.


Erwin denied having ever been in Boston.

Have you ever basked in the sun of the Sahara desert?

That stuff is poisonous.

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Get him off my hands.

There's something important I need to tell him.

When I saw what happened to Amigo, I freaked.


Hohn doesn't have to answer any of these questions.

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I'm not comfortable working with Skeeter.

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Many people around the world eat three meals a day.

The fence fell with a great crash.

I don't think I'll make it.


No matter the age, a child is a child.


How often did you go swimming last summer?

By the time you get back, she'll have left.

Maybe I should have left more space on the left, where the model is looking.

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Long, long ago, there lived an old man and his wife.

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You shouldn't look down on a person for being poor.


I like the way it sounds.

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Laurie is a very hardworking student.

The thieves made off with a sculpture with an estimated worth of half a million euros.

Ladies and Gentlemen, thanks to your untiring efforts our hideout is finally complete!!

This isn't all we have.

Bill motioned to the door.


He was a hard worker in his youth.

It is a Chinese tradition to welcome spring with flowers.

She missed the last train.

Huey told me to face the truth.

Elephants are an endangered species.

They were fighting on the street.

This train has no luggage van.

People with agraphia can't write due to a brain injury.

The inflation issue split the party.


Tony must've hit his head.

I do not talk in Japanese.

Have you ever locked the door of your room at night?

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I just wanted to know if you were in trouble.

It's right next door.

Can I help you with something?

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I told them I was OK.


Where did you hear this?


Do you want some coffee or something?

He tried to speak French to us.

Let there be love.

The cat is watching the one fish.

A person can't be taught anything - he/she can learn only him/herself.

That's just what I was going to suggest.

Rich didn't want me to go shopping with Anita.

Jack yawned and rubbed his eyes.

We like your car.

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Eventually, she succeeded.


I need to tell them something.

You seem to know how to do it.

I won't be late.

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She spends more time organizing than I.


The average American wedding costs about 30,000$.

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I wish to sit here with you for a while and talk.

The old woman looked at me with surliness and mistrust.

Our train leaves at eight-thirty.

Maybe you should take a few days off.

Genius must be born, and never can be taught.

I'll pretend I didn't hear that.

Let's discuss what happened last night.

What makes you think that Randolph is planning on resigning?

She moved out of her parents' house.


Didn't you get my letter?


Where's the closest train station?

He has a lot of things to do.

Never break your promise.

Snow hares have a nice fur.

My grandmother passed away last year.

Their parents tried to keep them apart.

She could divert herself from the anxieties.

Laborers normally work 8 hours per day.

Religion is the opiate of the masses.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

We want to help her.


Narendra didn't seem to understand the project's purpose.

I lived in Kouenji.

Let's go hiking this weekend.

Bring us with you!

That may happen Monday.